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Anhui Damping Control Equipment (DCE) Co., Ltd of China, is founded in 2016. . The company is jointed ventured by the well-known professionals from China and Japan, specializes in studying and producing small array type and rotary dampers.



All of our dampers are Maintenance-free, self-contained and provide safe motion for a broad range of applications. Our dampers are designed to absorb impacts and smoothly decelerate loads to prevent damage. This allows faster cycle rates, increased equipment life, and higher production rates while reducing maintenance expenses.

Applications Include


  • Automotive - Compartments, covers and handles in passenger cars.
  • Household Technology - Cabinet hinges, door dampers and drawer dampers,toilet seat cover, electric washer, refrigerator, door handle, etc.
  • Entertainment Electronics - The piano, giant ferris wheel, vending machine, theater seat, plane shelves, supermarket shelves, etc.
  • Industrial - Injection molding machine, silk screen printer, bottle blowing machine, drilling equipment, car navigation, etc.
  • Office Equipment - Lids and covers on photocopiers, printers, the hiding socket of the conference table, etc.




From material sourcing, parts production, product assembly and inspection, all of the procedures are under our specific quality control,which is strictly abide with the standard of ISO9001.
  • All of the materials are imported from Japan, which meet with the standard of ROSH.
  • All of the spare parts are produced by ourselves. The essentials parts are manufactured by our international advanced electrical injection molding machine. 
  • The procession of all parts are under strict quality control and inspection.
  • We perform 100% storage inspection. And before delivery, the product will be casual checked and be recorded thoroughly.
  • We have high-tech inspection equipments, including two-dimensional testing machine, high-expansion microscope, life test machine, strength tester, etc.
  • Every product has been printed with Lot No. , and has individual production record book, which will be kept for 5 years. If any problem appeared, it could be traced back to the specific processing procedure, the production date of the parts, the person who assembled the product, etc.




As a customer oriented company, we endeavor to provide meticulous before&after sales service, help our customers design and select the right damper for different applications.

A professional R&D and sales team.
Exported into South America, North America, Europe, South-east Asia and the neighboring countries of China, etc.
OEM order and customer design are welcome
Our customers include the following well-known enterprises